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Pain management

‘Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional’ – Buddhist proverb

In medical terms pain is regarded as a symptom of an underlying condition.

Acute pain is short term usually associated with an injury or short term illness, for which your doctor will provide treatment advice.

Chronic (long-term) pain can be the result of a medical conditional. There may be instances when the cause is not known making it more difficult to treat.

There is also emotional and psychological pain. This can be as debilitating as physical pain.

Whatever the type of pain, you should always seek advice from your doctor prior to looking at alternatives such as hypnotherapy.

Sufferers of chronic pain can understandably experience many negative thoughts and emotions including anxiety, depression and anger. They may also struggle to sleep well further exacerbating the discomfort.

Hypnotherapy and NLP has helped many clients to: improve chronic pain management with various relaxation techniques; reduce insomnia; change associated negative thoughts; reduce stress; generally cope better.

Psychological and emotional pain – Sometimes doctors are unable to find the cause of pain and then tell the patient ‘it’s all in your mind’. The phrase can sometimes make a patient feel even worse particularly if all they have not been offered any alternative help. If all the tests have been done by the doctors and there is no apparent medical reason for pain, it is worth exploring alternative treatments for the pain. If it is psychological or emotional, hypnotherapy and NLP can often make a big difference.

Example: A 15 year old girl, who had been extremely fit and healthy, found herself suddenly being hardly able to walk. It would take her 30 minutes to walk 15 feet. After several tests and being given the medical ‘all clear’, she was told that it was all in her head, and it was. It transpired that she had suffered a minor muscle pain after exercising and was worried about the possible cause of the pain. After Googling the symptoms, she arrived at a (false) self- diagnosis (which had said that continuing to walk would cause permanent damage). When she woke in the morning she struggled to walk. This continued for months.

Example: A woman had excruciating pains in her chest and she had trouble breathing. She went to A&E believing that she was having a heart attack and was going to die. After all the tests were done and she was given the all clear she was told it was all in her head. It turns out that the pains began very shortly after her husband left her for another woman. The pains that she felt were real yet didn’t show up on a cardiogram or other medical test. The pains were heartbreak.

Hypnotherapy and NLP can help those suffering with psychological and/or emotional pain and the positive transformation often begins very quickly.