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Drugs and other addictions

‘The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.’ – Alice Walker

Drugs addicts usually don’t try a drug for the first time and think to themselves ‘let me try this because I’d like to be a drug addict’. The problem creeps up until you hand over your control to the drug. Users and addicts justify their actions saying things such as ‘at least I don’t drink’ or ‘’I only have one a day’ or ‘at least I don’t take this drug’. Heroin users have been known to justify their addiction saying ‘at least I don’t inject it.’ Yet. The addiction gets worse as the highs become harder to achieve so the quantity/frequency is increased. In some cases the highs are no longer achieved as the addict just uses to try to get out of the low.

The reasons for starting and becoming addicted vary. Whether it started off with recreational use or with ‘self-medicating’, the results are often similar. As addicts lose control it can have devastating affects not only their lives but the lives of their families and loved ones. Sadly many addicts are so hooked that they never want to stop.

Many addicts want to stop but don’t know how, they may think they cannot or they think that it is too hard. This is where hypnotherapy, coaching and NLP can help. When an addict wants to stop, when they are ready and willing to stop and they want treatment, the sessions can be extremely effective.