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Binge eating

‘Stop trying to fill the emptiness inside with food’ – Unknown

Eating disorders come in many forms. Each form has a trigger and a perceived reward.  Binge eating can be triggered by a variety of factors including dieting, emotional eating, being over hungry, habitual eating, boredom, habit, feelings of not being good enough, loneliness and many, many more. The unwanted behaviour is often trying to fulfil another part of life that is unsatisfied.  Binge eaters (and over eaters) often do so as a substitute for that part of their life that is lacking. They try to fill the ‘emptiness inside’ with food.  Once the binge-eating event has stopped, the part of their life that is unfulfilled remains unfulfilled and on top of that they feel worse for overeating often with negative emotions such as guilt.  If the binge eating behaviour becomes a habit it often becomes an automated response and can become harder to break. We can help to recognise the triggers for those unwanted behaviours and to make the desired changes and to lead a healthier life with a normal relationship to food.

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