‘You gave me a forever within the numbered day, and I’m grateful.’ – John Green

Bereavement is the intense sorrow felt after the death of a close relative or friend. The time needed to process and come to terms with a loss will vary with individuals. It is a natural process and each person will experience their grief differently. For some people, time is enough to allow them to heal sufficiently to get on with their lives. Other people may find that they are unable to get past the period of intense grief, even after several years.

Sometimes people are ‘stuck’ with a bad memory, or negative feelings or thoughts (e.g. guilt).

If the bereaved is unable to get some normality back into their life, even after a long period of time (i.e. over a year), then coaching, NLP and hypnotherapy can help the sufferer to become ‘unstuck’, be able to think differently and to move on.