Do you feel trapped by a problem?

Are you stuck in a rut, held back by one or more obstacles?  Often these obstacles appear to be so big that it can seem hopeless to try to change.

Do you want to change something in your life but don’t quite know how to do it or afraid that it’s too difficult?

Examples of things that hold us back include problems with alcohol, drug addiction, lack of confidence or motivation, depression, stress, anxiety, fears, weight problems,phobias, bad thoughts, bereavement, unpleasant memories, anger issues or bad habits. The list goes on.  Often we have a combination of a number of  these problems.

Have you tried to change things before and failed?  If so then it may be time for a different approach.

You CAN have a better life

If you have had enough of your problem and are ready to make a positive change then contact me today to book your free initial telephone consultation.

I know from first hand experience what it is like to feel 'trapped' by a problem.  I also know how truly wonderful it feels to be free from it and put the problem firmly in the history books.  My experiences have inspired me to want to help you to overcome your own problems.

As each of us are unique individuals, we arrive at whatever obstacle or problem in our lives via a unique journey. As such, the journey to a positive and lasting change will be unique. We each see and experience things in a slightly different way.

For example, if there are several people at a party, each person will experience it slightly differently. Someone who is shy will experience the party very differently to someone who is more outgoing. Several other factors would make the experience different for each including, their taste in music, who they were with, what they were drinking or eating, how they were feeling and also their past experiences.  Some would say the party was great whereas another person at the very same party could be experiencing their worst nightmare.

As we are all different, a method of change that works well for one person will not necessarily work as well for you.  For that reason I use a number different approaches dependent on the individual.

My methods

My methods include Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP™) and hypnotherapy.

NLP™ is ‘what it says on the tin’ –programming the mind. We learn things very easily, including negative things. These behaviours become automatic as we repeat them. My method can help you to ‘unlearn’, or reprogram, certain unhelpful habits and behaviours.  Your own sort of personal upgrade!

Hypnotherapy is a form of deep relaxation (not sleep) and can be used to help you gain control over undesired behaviours or problems and to introduce new more desirable ones behaviours. It is important to know that although you're more open to suggestion during hypnotherapy, you maintain control over your behaviour.

About me

My name is Jo Dealey and I am passionate about helping people to improve their lives, overcome obstacles and to get on and enjoy themselves. I offer a personalised and discreet program to help you overcome problems.

I first studied NLP™ as a way to help myself overcome a few of my own problems.  Having worked within the corporate world for over 24 years as a senior manager leading high performance teams within corporate environments I gained an excellent insight into the many issues that people faced.  Once I discovered NLP,  the changes were incredible!  Not only was my life changing for the better but I was also excited to find that I could help those around me.

I am an Executive, Business and Life Coach, a Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP™ and a Professional & Clinical Hypnotherapist.  I studied with Richard Bandler, the co-founder of NLP™, Paul McKenna, John La Valle and June O'Driscoll.  I have found the techniques, particularly when combined with my own experiences, to be extremely effective with overcoming numerous problems and addictions.

It has transformed my life. Now I want to help you to change your life for the better.


" I only had one session with Jo.  That's all that it took!  I  suffered with a fear and Jo was able to pin point my problem and deal with it in such a caring, calm way!  It took me 10 years to try to deal with this fear butit only took an hour of Jo's time and now I'm back on track.  Jo was amazing and I would highly recommend her to anyone."  - Laura, London

"I had stress-induced eczema for three years.  Although my G.P. was very supportive, referring me to two dermatologists who provided some initial relief in the condition. However, the condition persisted arrhythmically and could not be shaken off. After a few sessions with Jo, I managed to improve my skin to the point that I was no longer reliant on prescription preparations; people have commented on my improved skin tone. 

Following on from the above, I am pleased to report that I haven’t needed to put any cream on my hands for weeks now.  Also, and equally importantly, I have become more focussed and more confident socially. My dance teacher and sports coach say that I’ve made massive improvements in the New Year. I now realize that this is mainly due to the positive mental attitudes instilled by Jo. Therefore, I have no hesitation in recommending Jo to anyone who needs help in any type of situation which can be addressed by her advice ."  - David, London

"After my very first session with Jo I found that my outlook towards alcohol completely changed. I came to realise that I could enjoy myself much more without the need to binge drink and currently apply the same train of thought to many aspects of my life. As a result I have now seen a huge improvement in both my physical and mental health so am eternally grateful. I would certainly recommend this to anyone who wishes to take back control in their lives."

- Daniel, London

"The therapy helped in ways I could not have imagined.  It helped me to find peace and grace throughout my painful and raw grieving process."  - Arlette, London

"My life is finally back on track thanks to Jo. Without her I don't know if I would still be alive today. Thank you." - Deborah, Surrey

"I was struggling with a particular issue that was beginning to affect my life on a daily basis – I cannot recommend Jo enough as after consultation I was able to assess the reasons behind the behaviour and have managed to cope with and in-fact ‘get over’ these issues. Once again, recommended!" - Christopher, London

"I had quite literally hit rock bottom for the second time in five years. Having heard it all from various councillors and help groups, someone recommended Jo to me. I have to say that from the first meeting I felt that I had found someone with empathy for how I felt.  Jo allowed me to talk, but didn't let me spill everything out all in one go, which a lot of councillors do and sometimes it leaves you feeling " what was the actual problem in the first place"? We take one problem at a time and work on it. I would also like to say that I felt so at ease with someone who I know has been there, seen it and done it." - Julie, Essex